Welcome, ADT Rendering Pty Ltd is a private company operating out of Queensland, Australia. You can read more in our history, we are dedicated to supplying a superior method of safely treating animal wastes, in particular Specified Risk Material (SRM).

The ADT Rendering process was conceived as a simple and economical rendering system. Throughout it’s development it has evolved to become a safe, efficient, practical and economical means of processing general animal wastes and more recently was identified as the premier method of treating SRM.

SRM processing is at the forefront of animal slaughter regulations in many countries. The definition of SRM varies from country to country but always includes the brain and spinal chord of slaughtered cattle. In some countries SRM includes parts of the gastro-intestinal tract, spleen and other organs as well as downer animals. The segregation of SRM for independent processing and exclusion from all feed use for all animals is a measure to effectively control the proliferation of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or Mad Cow Disease) and other Transmittable Spongiform Encephalopathyies (TSE) such as Scrapie and Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). SRM regulations already exist in some countries while others have indicated that SRM regulations are to be introduced. There is also a high probability that SRM exclusion will become a required practice for all beef exporting countries world wide.

The process developed by ADT Rendering Pty Ltd offers a wide range of options for the processing of raw animal wastes including conventional rendering, waste processing as well as SRM. While the technology remains the same for all processing, the degrees at which it is applied varies to give different levels of TSE inactivation. For SRM processing it can be scientifically demonstrated that > 6 logs reduction in BSE infectivity is achieved..